Appropriations Requests


My office accepts appropriations requests for projects that will benefit Nevada's Fourth Congressional District. Constituents, community groups, and interested parties must fill out the appropriate forms below.

Questions? My staff in both my Washington, D.C. and North Las Vegas offices are available to have a phone call or meet virtually on any appropriations-related questions.

Submitting an Appropriations Request:

The window for submitting FY2022 appropriations requests has now closed. 


The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) plans to advance surface transportation authorization legislation later this spring, building on H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act, from the 116th Congress. Chairman Peter DeFazio announced that the T&I Committee will formally accept requests for projects from House Members.

The T&I Committee process for considering member projects is separate and distinct from the House Committee on Appropriations’ process for considering Community Project Funding requests. Projects funded through the surface transportation authorization will be funded directly from the Highway Trust Fund, and they do not require a separate or subsequent appropriation.

Please note:

  • Congressman Horsford will NOT accept requests for projects outside of NV-04.
  • Only legally-eligible entities, including state and local units of government, may request projects.
  • Project sponsors must comply with all relevant federal laws and regulations.
  • A request submitted by Congressman Horsford to the Committee does NOT guarantee the project will be funded.


Project Eligibility:

Capital projects eligible under title 23, United States Code, and chapter 53 of title 49, United States Code, are eligible for funding requests under T&I’s project submission process.

The best way to ensure project eligibility is to select projects included in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) or Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), as those projects have already been certified as eligible for Federal Highway Administration or Federal Transit Administration funding and do not require further verification of eligibility.

For projects not in the STIP or TIP, additional documentation is required, including verification about whether the project can be added to the STIP or TIP in a reasonable timeframe, whether the project is on a long-range transportation plan, and verification of eligibility for the proposed activity under title 23 or chapter 53 of title 49 by the relevant federal agency.

Further, project sponsors must demonstrate the ability to fully obligate any funds provided within the obligation window, and must demonstrate a proven ability to finance the remaining costs not funded by the Committee, as well as the required non-federal cost share.



All requests submitted by Congressman Horsford to the T&I Committee are posted below. Members will be required to certify that neither they nor their immediate family have a financial interest in the requests made.


Projects Requested:

Listed below are the projects Congressman Horsford has submitted to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

Requesting Entity: City of North Las Vegas
Project Name: North Las Vegas Street Light Conversion
Project Description: This project seeks to retrofit all streetlights in North Las Vegas with energy efficient LED bulbs. This project provides benefits for residents, the City, and Nevada as a whole by significantly reducing energy usage in the jurisdiction and increasing safety and wellness. At the resident level, the brighter LED lights provide a number of safety and wellness advantages over current bulbs.
Requested Amount: $12,000,000.00

Requesting Entity: County of Nye
Project Name: Charleston Park Avenue Reconstruction Project
Project Description: Nye County is requesting funding to reconstruct and widen Charleston Park Ave in Pahrump, NV, a regional thoroughfare for residents in the western part of the Pahrump Valley. The County would remove, reconstruct, and replace the existing 40+ year asphalt on Charleston Park Ave between Highway 372 and Barney Street.
Requested Amount: $1,552,079.00


The final 10 Community Project Funding requests selected and submitted by Congressman Horsford to the Appropriations Committee will be posted below. Members are required to certify that neither they nor their immediate family have a financial interest in the CPF requests made.

NOTE: The projects are listed in alphabetical order by project sponsor.

Projects Requested:

Requesting Entity: Best Buddies International, Inc.
Requesting Entity Address: 6655 W. Sahara Ave. Suite A110 Las Vegas, NV 89146
Requested Amount: $133,000
Project Description: Best Buddies International, Inc. requests $133,000 in Community Project Funding to deliver and expand inclusion programs to nine schools in Nevada’s fourth congressional district. Best Buddies is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, leadership development, and integrated employment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Best Buddies has chapters at six schools in the 4th congressional district. The 80 program participants in the district have a positive impact on the lives of over 800 people. Community Project Funding in the amount of $133,000 would allow Best Buddies programs to expand to three new schools in the 4th congressional district, providing opportunities for friendship and leadership development to an additional 30 students with IDD and their typical peers. In total, the project would deliver inclusion programs to 110 students with and without IDD and engage them in 81 activities.
Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: Click here

Requesting Entity: Board of Clark County Commissioners
Requesting Entity Address: 500 S. Grand Central Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada 89155
Requested Amount: $1,000,000
Project Description: The concept for this project is to build a campus where new or growing businesses can be centralized, have a brick-and-mortar operation, and have quick access to resources from Clark County. The campus would help foster entrepreneurship in minority communities and come at no cost to business owners. This would be a mixed-use development, with affordable housing on above floors, and businesses at ground-level. This new concept would serve as an opportunity to grow businesses and strengthen existing ones – over a specified period of time. The goal is to help cultivate new industries, and generate much-needed, diverse tax revenue in Clark County. The Micro-Business Park’s affordable housing component would consist of between 150 & 250 residential units. The property would be managed by Clark County government’s Real Property Management department. We are envisioning a U-Shaped design for the business park, that will accommodate business, residential, and parking needs. The undeveloped land in consideration for this project is currently owned by Vegas View Church of God Christ and Zion Methodist Church, which would be purchased by Clark County. There are also other undeveloped lands that could suit this development.
Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: Click here

Requesting Entity: City of Las Vegas
Requesting Entity Address: 495 Main Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
Requested Amount: $1,500,000
Project Description: Historic Westside Complete Streets - This project encompasses the design and NEPA review of Complete Streets improvements within the Historic Westside community of Las Vegas, NV, including improvements along Washington Avenue, H Street, and Bonanza Drive.  Proposed improvements include rehabilitation of the pavement, new bicycle lanes, widened sidewalks, street trees, median island landscaping, enhanced, historical streetlighting, and other pedestrian-focused upgrades.
Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: Click here

Requesting Entity: City of North Las Vegas
Requesting Entity Address: 2250 Las Vegas Blvd. North, Suite 900, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030
Requested Amount: $750,000
Project Description: The Cheyenne Sports Complex has historically been the center of recreation programming for the surrounding community which has a large minority population and is underserved both in recreational opportunities and facilities. This proposed project, when fully completed, will add critical amenities that will allow the Sports Complex to reestablish itself as this center for the community to gather, focusing on health, wellness and outdoor activities. Specifically, the project will include the construction of a splash park that celebrates the historical aspect of the City's original hydro tube along with multiple play areas with safety surfacing encompassing active play concepts for a variety of age groups from toddlers to seniors.
Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: Click here

Requesting Entity: City of Yerington
Requesting Entity Address: 14 East Goldfield Avenue, Yerington, Nevada 89447
Requested Amount: $598,000
Project Description: The City of Yerington and the Lyon County School District would like to provide a better transit to the school and awareness of safety to all members of the community. The Kiss and Drop Project would include adding inlay striping with a median island, a two-foot center pedestrian landing to each crosswalk and correct the traffic flow by adding signage of two stop signs to the four-way stop. NV Energy poles need to be moved out of the sidewalk area, correct the intersection drainage, construct a student drop off driveway by building a two-lane driveway with an ingress and egress, add curb setbacks, repainting, crosswalks, adding epoxy mounted bases with signage, correct curb and gutters, reconstruct the bus loading and unloading zone, and provide a drop off and pick up area for the entire Lyon County School District within Yerington. The school zone includes the Yerington Elementary School, the Yerington Intermediate School, and the Yerington High School.
Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: Click here

Requesting Entity: iFoster, Inc.
Requesting Entity Address: 500 S. Grand Central Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89155
Requested Amount: $147,853
Project Description: iFoster proposes to bring its foster youth jobs program to Nevada. In partnership with Clark County Social Services, iFoster will serve the 500 transition-age foster youth (16-21) annually. Employment is critical for foster youth to successfully transition to adulthood. Without the financial stability of a job, within 4 years of aging out, 50% will be unemployed and 70% will be on government assistance. The iFoster Jobs Program enables foster youth to earn competitive, livable-wage jobs through a program model of workforce readiness, job skills training, reducing barriers, and pipelines to private sector employment. It has been evaluated by the Administration for Children and Families as a promising practice for foster youth employment. Over 1,000 CA foster youth have earned employment since 2016. Over 40 major employers are committed to providing first in line interviews across retail, supply chain, healthcare, hospitality, education, manufacturing, and public sectors.
Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: Click here

Requesting Entity: Nevada Department of Public Safety Parole and Probation 
Requesting Entity Address: 1445 Old Hot Springs Rd. Carson City, NV 89706
Requested Amount: $234,586
Project Description: The Division of Parole and Probation seeks to reduce probation violations report in first-time probationers, through the availability of community resources.  To accomplish this, we must focus on social services to reduce the risk of recidivism and partner with various expert community resources to promote personal accountability and encourage positive behavioral changes. The Division will partner with these community agencies to ensure all participants can receive immediate services. The project will identify zip codes in Qualified Opportunity Zones (high crime and impoverished zip codes) and in and certain parts of Rural Nevada. The project will identify probationers within those zones that are first-time offenders and/or indigent. The project will assist those individuals with obtaining the necessary counseling and educational classes before sentencing. Once sentenced to supervision, the Division will continue to provide resources to help throughout their supervision period. The Division has identified resources within or in close proximity of Congressional District 4, and community partners that will support the probationers’ path to rehabilitation, such as: Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain ID cards; Regional Transportation Center to obtain bus passes for transportation, Department of Health and Human Services (social service benefits), counseling agencies, Opportunity Village/Catholic Charity for professional clothing, Nevada Job Connect for potential employment, and local motels for temporary/emergency housing.
Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: Click here

Requesting Entity: Northern Nye County Hospital District
Requesting Entity Address: 101 Radar Road, P.O. Box 468, Tonopah, Nevada 89049
Requested Amount: $3,270,000
Project Description: Nye Regional Medical Center, the only hospital facility serving a massive geographic area, Northern Nye County – Nevada, closed its doors permanently in the Fall of 2015.  Since that time, the Northern Nye County Hospital District has been working diligently to bring quality healthcare back to the region. The District has made tremendous progress including a number of reviews, a community-wide Comprehensive Health Needs Assessment, a Preliminary Architecture Report, and several other requirements of the USDA Community Facilities program, in preparation for constructing the new hospital facility.  A modern hospital is envisioned that will meet the needs of the region’s residents and visitors, including employees and contractors at the nearby military testing range.  The funding requested here would acquire the key equipment needed to operate the facility.  This would lessen the debt burden on the district, thereby placing the facility on a more sustainable financial pathway.
Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: Click here

Requesting Entity: Nye County
Requesting Entity Address: 2100 E. Walt Williams Dr., Suite 100, Pahrump, Nevada 89048
Requested Amount: $1,000,000
Project Description: Funding is requested to develop a civic center that serves as a local community center for youth activities, recreation, physical/wellness programs, events, performances, educational programs and community gatherings in Pahrump, NV. Working with community members and key stakeholders for more than 10 years, Nye County has developed a plan to build a multi-purpose facility that will be operated by the County for the benefit of the community. The County is seeking federal assistance to help with the construction of the community facility. The County has identified a site location and plans to use an environmentally friendly prefabricated, modular design to construct the facility in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The operating costs of the facility and its programs will come from a combination of public and private revenue sources, including rental income and program fees, and local government funds.
Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: Click here

Requesting Entity: Opportunity Village
Requesting Entity Address: 6050 S. Buffalo Dr., Las Vegas, Nevada 89113
Requested Amount: $15,443,971
Project Description: Opportunity Village has 17.49 acres (Parcel 125-24-701-037) of land to be developed in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District and intends to build a baked goods manufacturing facility and hydroponics/indoor farm to provide quality vocational training and employment to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in southern Nevada.
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