Horsford lands spot on Ways and Means

January 9, 2019
In The News

Rep. Steven Horsford will be the first Nevada congressman to serve on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee since former Rep. Shelley Berkley left Congress six years ago.

Seats on the Ways and Means Committee are highly sought after by lawmakers, because of its jurisdiction over key economic policy issues like tax, trade and health care issues.

“I am honored to serve as Nevada’s voice on the prestigious House Committee on Ways and Means,” Horsford said in a statement. “The decisions made by this committee have a profound impact on the health and welfare of Nevada families. And I look forward to working with my fellow committee members to strengthen the retirement security system, social safety net, and critical infrastructure so many Americans rely on.”

After defeating a crowded field of Democrats in the primary, Horsford was granted a chance to win back the congressional seat he lost four years ago to Republican Cresent Hardy. In 2014, a year when Democrats were crushed in Nevada, Horsford was defeated by Hardy after serving just one term before eventually winning his seat back.

“I would like to thank Congresswoman Dina Titus for advocating for Nevada’s role to be added, and the members of the Steering and Policy Committee for supporting Nevada business owners, taxpayers, and working families to ensure representation on a committee so central to the business of the 116th Congress,” Horsford said.