Congressman Horsford Launches Nevada Equity Cabinet to Tackle Inequity and Promote Investment in Underserved Communities

July 1, 2021
Press Release
Launch of the Nevada Equity Cabinet follows Congressman Horsford’s work on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee’s Racial Equity Initiative

NORTH LAS VEGAS, NEV. — Today, Congressman Steven Horsford (D-NV-04) launched the Nevada Equity Cabinet, a community-based coalition with a mission to redress systemic racism and inequality in federal policies and advance justice for all Nevada families.

The Nevada Equity Cabinet is led by a strong group of leaders that reflect the ethnic and geographical diversity of Nevada’s Fourth Congressional District. Starting from today’s launch, the Cabinet will provide strategic recommendations and work alongside Congressman Horsford to advance equity in health care, workforce development, economic security, public safety, and pandemic recovery.

“The COVID-19 pandemic put a spotlight on the dangers that existing inequities pose to Nevada’s working families. As Nevada works to build back better from the pandemic, I’m excited to launch the Nevada Equity Cabinet and bring together a visionary group of leaders to tackle the most challenging issues that we face,” said Congressman Steven Horsford. “In Congress, I’m honored to lead the House Ways and Means Committee’s Racial Equity Initiative, which addresses the role of discrimination in perpetuating health and economic equalities. The formation of the Nevada Equity Cabinet creates a new and dynamic channel to bring Nevadan voices into the federal policymaking process and advance justice for all.”

“Asians are the fastest-growing population in Nevada and I am excited to join the Equity Cabinet as it is important to push for health and economic equity in our community. At the Asian Community Development Council, our mission is to reach the Asian and Pacific Islander American communities in Nevada and to provide resources such as a COVID-19 vaccine clinic, a food pantry to tackle food insecurity, health insurance enrollment, the pathway to citizenship, and much more,” said Vida Chan Lin, President and Founder, Asian Community Development Council (ACDC).

“As a Latina mother of a four year old who suffers from respiratory issues, especially during periods of extreme heat or poor air quality, I understand the importance of working on climate change solutions that will protect the health of all Nevada's children. Black and Brown communities pollute the least but suffer the most from the climate crisis because of where we work, live, and go to school. I look forward to collaborating with Congressman Horsford and the rest of the Equity Cabinet to address the impacts that environmental injustice has on underserved communities,” said Cinthia Zermeño Moore, national lead for EcoMadres and Nevada Organizer for Moms Clean Air Force.

“I am very excited and honored to bring Tribal issues to the table for Nevada Tribes to look at remedies moving forward,” said Amber Torres, Chairman, Walker River Paiute Tribe.

“I’m very excited to work with Congressman Horsford and the other cabinet members to advance equity. I’m especially eager to promote equity for the rural and frontier communities where I live and work,” said Stacy Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Nye Communities Coalition.

“It is a privilege to serve with Congressman Steven Horsford, his dedicated leadership team, and the distinguished members of the Equity Cabinet to address the diverse challenges and needs experienced by Nevada’s children and impacted by the interrupted learning encountered as a result of the persisting pandemic,” said Dr. Tonia Holmes-Sutton, NBCT, State Director, Teach Plus Nevada.

“If the past year has taught us anything, it is that health care and access to health care is a public good. I am honored to serve on Congressman Horsford’s Equity Cabinet to bring down barriers that underserved communities encounter when accessing quality health care,” said Kevin Carey, President, SEIU Local 1107.

“I am honored to join the Equity Cabinet to ensure educational equity is the foundation to ensuring equitable opportunities for all members of our community. We know that talent is distributed equally, yet marginalized communities are systematically deprived of access to opportunities and resources needed to overcome structural barriers. I am ready to work with and through this cabinet to ensure policies are created and empowered that ensure systemic change,” said Erica Victoria Mosca, Founder and Executive Director, Leaders in Training (LIT).

“I am honored to have the opportunity to work closely with Congressman Horsford and the Equity Cabinet on advancing equitable housing policy to ensure every Nevadan and every American have the opportunity to be securely housed,” said Emily Paulsen, Executive Director, Nevada Homeless Alliance.

“I have seen the Congressman fight for his constituents for the last 20 years and it’s a fight that needs to continue and all of us need to support. The Equity Cabinet is a further step on this journey,” said Angela Quinn, CEO, FirstMed Health and Wellness.

Inaugural Executive Team members of the Nevada Equity Cabinet include:

  • Walter Davis, CEO, Nevada Health Centers
  • Angela Quinn, CEO, FirstMed Health+Wellness
  • Tina Dortch, Program Manager, Nevada Office of Minority Health
  • Richard Egan, Suicide Prevention Training and Outreach Facilitator, Nevada Office of Suicide Prevention
  • Michael Brown, Executive Director, Governor's Office of Economic Development
  • Monica Ford, Executive Director, Nevada Partners
  • Rupert Ruiz, Nevada Area President, Chicanos Por La Causa
  • Mark Scott, CEO, Culinary Academy of Las Vegas
  • Leain Vashon, Vice President, Culinary Union Local 226
  • Vida Lin, Executive Director, Asian Community Development Council
  • Ender Austin III, Regional Political Director, Faith In Action
  • Tameka Henry, Board Member, Head Start
  • Tonia Holmes-Sutton, State Director, Teach Plus Nevada
  • Erica Mosca, Executive Director, Leaders in Training
  • Kamilah Bywaters, President, Las Vegas Alliance of Black School Educators
  • Rudy Zamora, Executive Director, Chispa Nevada
  • Cinthia Zermeño Moore, Field Consultant, Moms Clean Air Force
  • Stacy Smith, CEO, Nye Communities Coalition
  • Emily Paulsen, Executive Director, Nevada Homeless Alliance
  • Kevin Carey, President, SEIU 1107
  • Amber Torres, Chairman, Walker River Paiute Tribe
  • Crystal Lee, Executive Director, United Natives

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