House Unanimously Passes Congressman Steven Horsford’s Amendment to Protect Census Citizenship Data

July 30, 2020
Press Release

Washington, D.C. -- Today, the U.S. House of Representatives voted unanimously to pass Congressman Steven Horsford’s (NV-04) amendment to the second Fiscal Year 2021 House Appropriations spending bill, which would nullify the effect of the Trump executive order that would require Federal agencies to share citizenship data.

“The U.S. Constitution declares that all persons living in the United States, regardless of their citizenship status, must be counted and represented in the Census. Anything that deviates from this interpretation and prevents individuals from being counted in the Census is unconstitutional and undermines the integrity of our democracy.” said Congressman Steven Horsford. “It is clear that this administration will do anything to intimidate and silence immigrant communities. I will continue to guarantee that all voices can be heard and will remain steadfast in ensuring a full, fair, and accurate Census.” 

Congressman Horsford’s amendment, Amendment 23, will prevent any funds to be used for President Trump’s Executive Order that requires the Census to include a citizenship question. The amendment is based on legislation Congressman Horsford introduced to safeguard Census data.

The Trump administration has made numerous attempts to prevent participation in the U.S. census by communities of color, including a recent unconstitutional presidential memorandum issued on July 21, 2020, seeking to exclude non-citizens from being counted in reapportionment for Congress.

Congressman Horsford currently sits as the Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus 2020 Census Task Force to encourage maximum participation in the Census, especially by historically hard-to-count communities.