Constituent Service Testimonials

How can my office help you? Read the stories below and hear from my constituents about the services that my office can provide:

"I'm writing this letter to say thank you to Maggie Mora for all the help I received. I contacted her about two weeks ago regarding my DACA permit. It was taking longer than usual, and I was getting really worried because I was working and I was offered an amazing opportunity. I was so scared at the fact that I was probably going to miss that great opportunity. I was getting worried because I had never gone through that. My renewal was just taking longer than usual. She was really good at communicating answering all my questions. Within a few days my work permit was approved. I was so happy and stress free!"

Minzi H., Congressional District Four constituent who utilized Congressman Horsford's caseworkers to solve an immigration issue.

"When you have a protracted, unresolved problem, it can be beyond frustrating. That is especially true when you have done everything you know how to do to solve it. That was my situation recently with the Social Security Administration. I was owed a considerable amount of money related to a Medicare billing error. Getting someone to listen and understand at Social Security and Payment Processing was more difficult than it ever should have been. Finally, after nearly two years, I turned to Congressman Steven Horsford’s office for help. The congressman’s staff was amazing. They responded to my initial inquiry quickly, kept me informed as they worked on my case, and in about one month, they got my issue resolved! I have now been fully reimbursed. I have heard that our government works for us, and that our congressman is our advocate. I had never before had to turn to them for help. After my experience, where Congressman Horsford‘s staff worked like magicians on my behalf, I urge you to utilize this resource if and when you have the need."

Carol Eustice, Congressional District Four constituent who utilized Congressman Horsford's caseworkers to resolve a Social Security issue

"Thank you very much for helping me over & beyond in expediting my USCIS Employment Authorization Renewal application. Being an IT Professional with the State, I am proud of my job as it helps the deserving Nevadans. With the delay in renewing my EAD, I was at the verge of losing my job. Your timely interception helped to expedite the application and adjudicate it in less than 2 weeks. Thereby, it helped me to get back to my job and continue serving the State. I thank you once again for all the time, input and effort that you put to help me." 

— Mohana Subramanian​, Congressional District Four constituent who utilized Congressman Horsford's caseworkers to resolve an employment authorization issue

"Thank you, Larry, and my loved Congressman Steven Horsford, for intervening on our behalf via the North Las Vegas Veterans Affairs Hospital!   

Veteran Caesar is NOW fully receiving the help he needs and deserves. He served 22+ years in the USAF, having being wounded in a Government Vehicle in Germany resulting in great damage to his mandible.  He also was in Vietnam era with 3 brothers serving in Vietnam at the SAME time (which should not have been, Sullivan Brothers)! One brother died 2012 from Agent Orange and the other 2 are in treatment for same in Louisiana, as we speak. Veteran Caesar is also under severe PTSD treatment for past 7 years (again thanks to the Congressman)!   He and his staff (you, Larry, included) do follow through and advocate for your constituents! I’m grateful!

Thanks again for your speedy and successful advocacy for Veteran Valcouer Caesar and me. I am an Vietnam RN Veteran and when your office fights for Caesar, I receive the Results for him, now, and hopefully for me, should I ever need advocacy!"

— Fayrine C, Congressional District Four constituent who utilized Congressman Horsford's caseworkers to get care for her husband through the VA.

"I would like to thank Congressman Steven Horsford's office for helping me with receiving my taxes for 2019, 2020 and my economic payments. I am totally grateful for the help that Maggie Mora has given me. She stays in contact weekly even if she has no update just to verify to me that she’s still waiting on an answer...[She] has helped me get different programs as far as food and rental assistance. I truly thank your office but most definitely want to thank Maggie for helping me beyond belief and staying up to date on her job to helping receiving my taxes. I have waited a year and three months and she has been helping me since January and has been amazing and has gotten me my rightful money within a couple months of being on my case."

— Takiera McDowell, Congressional District Four constituent who utilized Congressman Horsford's caseworkers to resolve a tax issue.

Zeke and Sharon - Casework Win

Sharon Roth reached out to Congressman Horsford's office because her son's passport application was stalled after the State Department incorrectly identified an error with his birth certificate. Ms. Roth had tried to get corroborating evidence of her son's birth, but the hospital where her son was born had purged records from 17 years prior. With the help of Congressman Horsford's caseworkers, Ms. Roth and her son Zeke were able to get his passport processed.

"Thank you for your assistance in getting my son’s passport. What a tremendous load off our shoulders that it all got done without having to search through the hospital’s warehouse of old microfiche records! We really appreciate your help."

- Sharon Roth, Congressional District Four constituent who utilized Congressman Horsford's caseworkers to resolve a passport processing issue with the State Department.

Meet Thelma, a Nevadan living in Congressional District Four, who sought out help from the office of Congressman Steven Horsford for help accessing her Social Security checks. 

Glenn Arthur reached out to our office in June 2020 about his SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) back pay claim that was submitted back in 2013. In March 2020, Glenn received a court-ordered decision that his claim was approved but SSA had not been in contact with him about calculating how much back pay he was to receive and the process through which they would allocate those funds. An inquiry was opened after Congressman Horsford’s staff reached out to the Social Insurance Specialist within SSA. Our case manager requested the necessary documents to be submitted for the inquiry to the SSA, at which point the case was connected to the Congressional Liaison staff for further processing. After consistent follow up from the case manager, our office was notified that Glenn's backpay entitlement would be paid into his account. Glenn was thrilled with the quality of the caseworker’s assistance and expressed his gratitude.

Mike Paice is a dialysis patient who has been waiting to receive a kidney transplant for over two years. He reached out to Congressman Horsford's office in February 2020 to request assistance with Medicare Part B services, which were canceled due to a lapse in payment. After consulting with the Social Security office, he was able to pay the past due amount and reinstate his benefits on July 1. He didn’t experience any further issues until September when he went to the doctor at UMC for his final interview to receive a kidney transplant. At this point, he was notified that his Medicare part B was cancelled again. He immediately called the Medicare office to inquire about the cancellation but received no response for over two months. Medicare notified him that they made a mistake and he still owes additional money, which was a mistake because he had already paid the overdue fees. Even the Medicare staff was confused as to why his benefits were discontinued. During this process, Mike unfortunately had to suffer additional medical distress because he was at a risk of not being about able to get the kidney transplant that he has been waiting for so long. Congressman Horsford’s staff stepped in and intervened to inquire about the reason for the discontinuation of benefits. After months of back and forth with the Medicare office, our caseworker was finally able to get Mike’s benefits reinstated. Mike has been extremely grateful for the case workers assistance to get this matter resolved and for her diligent work.

“Maggie is amazing. She helped negotiate and resolved the issue and my Medicare was reinstated! This man [Congressman Horsford] and Maggie are a blessing to this state beyond the call of duty! I’m truly blessed to have met this group.”

Mike Paice, Congressional District Four constituent who utilized Congressman Horsford's caseworkers to resolve a Medicare issue

Braulio Hernandez is a DACA recipient who reached out to Congressman Horsford's office to expedite his work permit. Mr. Hernandez, who was eligible for a work permit, had lost out on three job opportunities as a result of delays with USCIS. After Congressman Horsford's caseworkers intervened, Mr. Hernandez's application for a work permit was approved.

“Many thanks to Congressman Horsford for his support of the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant program which recognizes the importance of movie theatres and our contribution to American culture. Our grant has been a financial lifesaver during the challenging days of covid and has contributed mightily to the survival of our business and the preservation of over 50 jobs at the Galaxy Cannery. As we return to normal we will always be grateful to Congressman Horsford and others in Congress who have enabled us to weather the pandemic,”

— Rafe Cohen, President of Galaxy Theatres LLC, which operates the Galaxy Cannery theater in North Las Vegas.

​“I would like to thank ​Congressman Horsford for for working to establish the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant program and for his longstanding support of the Nevada Northern Railway National Historic Landmark. 

The Shuttered Venue Operators Grant was a lifesaver for the Nevada Northern Railway Museum. Due to Covid-19, we were closed for 21 weeks in 2020. Once we reopened, we operated at only 50% capacity for the rest of our season and canceled our Christmas trains too. As a non-profit in rural Nevada, the lost revenue was devastating. We were on the brink of laying employees off.    

The Shuttered Venue Operators Grant allowed the museum to keep all of our highly trained staff employed. It allowed us to catch-up on bills and it helped improve our finances. Thanks to the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant, we were able to weather the Covid-19 storm. The museum's future looks a lot brighter than it would have been if we had not received the grant.”

— Mark S. Bassett, President, Nevada Northern Railway 

The Nevada Northern Railway is a National Historic Landmark and historic passenger railroad and museum in Ely, Nevada. 

David Reinsma moved from Chicago to Las Vegas in October of 2019 and started driving Uber as soon as he could.  When COVID-19 started affecting the city, David filed for PUA in mid-May to get financial support during a period that caused a massive slowdown for rideshare services. Like many others, David had trouble contacting unemployment while sending documents that were being asked of him, but still had not seen any progress, due to several issues that continued to arise. Frustrated with no updates seemingly occurring, David contacted Congressman Horsford’s office on 6/19 to inquire for assistance regarding his filing. Supplying us with the information needed, David continued relaying information of actions or changes taking place for our knowledge. After about two and half months from making his original PUA claim, David’s finally received the funds that were allotted to him. Our team was instrumental in getting this process approved by guiding David about the proper steps he needs to take to quickly move the process along.

“Being from Chicago, I don’t know a lot about NV politics, but I believe I know who Congressman Horsford is from the quality of his staff. I have never been more impressed with an office.”

— David Reinsma, Congressional District Four constituent who utilized Congressman Horsford's caseworkers to resolve an unemployment insurance issue