Congressman Steven Horsford Announces Nevada Wins in First House Appropriations Package

July 24, 2020
Press Release

Washington, D.C. — Today, Congressman Steven Horsford (NV-04) voted for critical priorities for Nevada’s Fourth District and communities across America in H.R. 7608, a House-passed spending bill for fiscal year 2021.

“As we look toward the future of Nevada, we must create meaningful federal investments that will help our economy recover from this global pandemic and continue to expand opportunities for families and workers,” said Congressman Steven Horsford. “I’ve kept the needs of my community at the forefront of my decisions in Congress. This bill will strengthen efforts to end food insecurity, improve public health and safety, invest in infrastructure, support veterans and military families, protect the environment, and prepare a brighter future for our state.”

H.R. 7608 totals $259.5 billion in discretionary funding and consists of four fiscal year 2021 appropriations bills: State-Foreign Operations, Agriculture-Rural Development-FDA, Interior-Environment, and Military Construction and Veterans Affairs.

Below are a number of notable wins for American communities, including Nevada’s Fourth District, in H.R. 7608:

CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE: The allocates $10.018 billion in emergency funding for coronavirus preparedness, response, and relief globally. Within this amount, $2.5 billion will be dedicated to Global health, of which $200 million supports the World Health Organization’s multilateral vaccine development partnerships. It also restores funding for the World Health Organization, a vital U.S. partner in the fight against COVID-19, which President Trump has threatened to cut off. 

FOOD SECURITY: It provides $68 billion for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), $25 billion for child nutrition programs, and $5.75 billion for the Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) program. This will allow Nevadans to access supplemental food opportunities at food banks like Three Square. The bill blocks two unconscionable SNAP rules by the Trump administration designed to restrict program eligibility. 

INFRASTRUCTURE: The approved funding supports $15.17 billion in water infrastructure and other infrastructure programs, including $12.97 billion for the Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds, and $546 million to get lead out of drinking water. Another $1.45 billion will support rural water and waste program loans, and more than $610 million in water and waste grants for clean and reliable drinking water systems and sanitary waste disposal systems. $990 million will go to the Rural Broadband ReConnect Program, which will enable Nevadans in White Pine, Nye, Lincoln, Esmeralda, Mineral, and Lyon counties to access digital tools necessary to improve health, education, and economic outcomes.  

ENVIRONMENT & CLIMATE CHANGE: $13.83 billion will go to the Department of the Interior, $304 million above fiscal year 2020. This allocates $9.38 billion for the Environmental Protection Agency, $318 million above fiscal year 2020. This funding includes $511 million for the National Wildlife Refuge System, which will directly help the Desert National Wildlife Refuge in Nevada. 

VETERANS AND MILITARY FAMILIES: This bill provides $250.9 billion in both discretionary and mandatory funding.  It will direct $12.5 billion in emergency appropriations for the Veterans Affairs (VA) to address sharply rising healthcare costs and put $90 billion towards Veterans Medical Care. These resources will serve to expand access to services for Veterans, including those at the VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System in Nevada’s Fourth District.

The bill also provides a total of $10.1 billion, not including overseas contingency operations funding, for military construction – $2.3 billion above the President’s budget request. This ensures that Nevada’s military installations, including Nellis, Creech, and Hawthorne, have the support they need to carry out their critical mission.